Palladium (II) nitrate dihydrate Cas:10102-05-3

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Catalog Number: XD90714
Cas: 10102-05-3
Molecular Formula: HNO3Pd
Molecular Weight: 169.43
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Catalog Number XD90714
Product Name       Palladium (II) nitrate dihydrate



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

Storage Details Room Temperature


Product Specification

Appearance rownish-yellow or orange brown liquid
Assay 99%
Density 1.118g/mL at 25°C
Melting point >100°C
Boiling point 83°C at 760mmHg
PSA 137.76000
logP 0.56820


Palladium nitrate can be used as a catalyst for the nitration of olefins to ethylene glycol dinitrate; also used as a precursor of a Pd catalyst; used as an analytical reagent and oxidant; also used in the separation of chlorine and iodine; also used in automobile exhaust catalysts The prepared active ingredient.

Catalyst, the raw material for synthesizing various palladium compounds and catalysts, is used in large quantities to prepare palladium plating baths.

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    Palladium (II) nitrate dihydrate Cas:10102-05-3